Our Kiwis

our kiwis

The history of TERRE ROSSE cannot be separated from its origins.

Father Franco, a kiwi pioneer in Friuli, planted the first actinidia cuttings in 1979 in a plot of just 2000 square meters.

our kiwis

The production
of our kiwis

The history of Terre Rosse cannot be separated from its origins. Father Franco, a kiwi pioneer in Friuli, planted the first cuttings back in 1979.


After 40 years it can be said that TERRE ROSSE is a flagship of kiwi cultivation with 25 ha divided into 2/3 green Kiwi (including the early varieties of Early Green, the Hayward and Bo.Erika) and 1/3 Yellow Kiwi (Jintao variety).

Here, too, there is a meticulous expertise in the implementation of the various plants which make use of Anti-frost Systems (with microjet under the foliage according to Israeli technique), Anti-hail nets and Asian Anti-fungal. Micro-irrigation with drip line for water control and fertirrigation to calibrate the spread of fertilizers.

Weather station with above and below unit ground located in various points of the plants to detect the various parameters (temperature, humidity and vaportranspiration, etc.) and better follow the needs of the plants; two computerized and automated water exchange systems powered by solar energy (as is the station).

Adherence to a periodic protocol of foliar analysis and of the dissolved bonds in the soil by means of proves placed at different depths to establish the real needs of the plant guaranteeing nourishment, but avoiding waste, excessive fertilization and vegetative stress.
TERRE ROSSE has always been a partner of the Fruit Trade of Forlì-Cesena and boasts GLOBAL GAP Certification for foreign trade in Kiwifruit, which establishes strict criteria for chemical residues and periodic checks on cultivation techniques.
If we add to all this the adherence to the Agro-environmental
3-1 and Integrated Pest Management standards, there is no doubt that the kiwis of TERRE ROSSE are lucky because things are done properly here!

The cure
in cultivation

Meticulous care in planting and adherence to protocols for leaf analysis and analysis dissolved coumponds in the soil have enabled TERRE ROSSE to boast a Global Gap certification for foreign trade of kiwi fruit.

The TERRE ROSSE Winery is open to the public and available for any information requests you may have.