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From the harvest to the bottle: how the wines of TERRE ROSSE are created.

The grapes, after a scrupulous harvest (by hand or by machine depending on the varieties and use), arrive at the wine cellar where they undergo the vinification process with great attention to the movement of the must.

All operations are carried out with the utmost hygiene, following techniques aimed at preserving the integrity of the grapes.


The process
of winemaking


A careful vinification process follows in insulated and refrigerated stainless steel tanks designed to control the fermentation temperature.

This allows the primal aromas of the grapes to be maintained intact.

The must undergoes various decanting processes, favoring physical methods over chemical ones.

The result is a naturally clear wine that does not require aggressive filtering at the time of bottling.

In this way the wine will retain its body and gain in quality.
Some of our varieties are racked into French oak tonneaux barrels and left to rest for the time necessary for the wine to harmonize with the essences of the wood, thus creating an aromatic, structured and complex product.


After bottling, there follows a phase of refinement in the bottle that varies from three to six months and which allows the wine to be ready for tasting and consumption.

There are also special wines made from selected bunches and dried grapes that follow an aging process of at least two years, first in French oak tonneaux barrels and then in bottles.

Our wines lend themselves to prolonged aging in the bottle because they have an excellent alcoholic, polyalcoholic and aromatic structure.

The wines of Terre Rosse

Savour and taste
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The quality of TERRE ROSSE wines has been recognized by the main national wine guides (VITAE, BIBENDA and I VINI di VERONELLI) and the excellent value for money has enabled the company to rapidly conquer market shares both in Italy and abroad.

In particular, we would like to highlight the most recent awards:

August 2020 The WineHunter Award 2020 (Merano)

Traminer Aromatico 2018 : GOLD recognition

Merlot 2017: GOLD recognition

Vinea Mea Electa 2015: GOLD recognition

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 2016: RED recognition

March 2020 Falstaff 2020 – Austrian Magazine

Traminer Aromatico 2018: 91/100 points!!!!

Vinea Mea Electa 2015: 91/100 points!!

September 2019 – Vinoforum 2019 – Rome

Traminer Aromatico has been chosen to represent Friuli Venezia Giulia: the best
FVG Traminer Aromatico

March 2019: Bertiolo 2019 – regional festival of Friuli wine

Ribolla gialla Brut: 1st classified

April 2019: Rows of Bubbles 2019 – Casarsa della Delizia

Ribolla gialla Brut: 1st place

how to buy our wines
You can buy our wines directly from our winery or order them by contacting us; we ship them all over the world!

Azienda Agricola Terre Rosse is open to the public and at your complete disposal for any information you may need.